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Adrian's Gay-Bar

Anything goes as long as it does not piss off Adrian!

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All Members , Moderated
Hi and welcome to the info for my gay community. The basis of this community is that you may post about anything you want to (though the theme is rather, well, gay), as long as it does not piss me off. No, that's not a joke, really, anything at all. If it pisses me off though, I will have to hurt you, alot. Anyway, if you should happen to have any questions, comments, concerns or issues, please feel free to e-mail myself at animamela@cox.net or any of the other moderators. Enjoy!

Hello! I am Nix, one of the moderators. You can contact me in many ways - by email at rustrose@punkass.com, on aim at iirustroseii, on msn at iirustroseii@hotmail.com, on icq at 52682722. I also have a journal, here. I'm really quite friendly, despite my bitchy attitude sometimes, so please feel free to contact me about anything you feel like. And, for my own good and yours, please attempt to not violate copyright too much. If you post an article, include the source (where it came from and who wrote it). If you post a photo, credit the creator and give a link to the website you found it at (if applicable). I thank you greatly in advance and I hope you enjoy, and participate in, our community.
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