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This is a call for a nation-wide boycott in the traditions of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. We are asking all GLBT Americans and their Straight Allies to "drop out" of the United States economy for one day to demonstrate that we are vital and important members of our communities with significant economic presence. There are three elements to the boycott: No Work, No Purchases and No Cell Phones. Read On!


Get your dialing fingers ready.

The Traditional Values Coalition is planning...
"CALL YOUR SENATOR DAY" on Monday, July 12th. We cannot stress how important it is for Christians to CALL, FAX, and/or EMAIL their two U.S. Senators to express their support for a constitutional amendment with no civil unions to fully protect marriage.

The senate is expected to vote on the FEDERAL marriage ammendment sometime this week.

It's time to make some phone calls.
Go to http://www.senate.gov/, choose your state from the list and your state's senators will be listed with their D.C. Office phone numbers. You may call the DC office if you so wish, but expect busy signals. If you shift-click on your senator's name, their site will open in a new window. Look through their sites for local offices that you can call. Less call volumes, no long-distance charges (but who worries about that these days?), and people who know your area. Hell, if you have time and the office is close enough, go see them in person.

I know there are Christians out there who are against a constitutional amendment, myself being one. Beyond the Christians, there are people with other religious affiliations in this country whose voices deserve to be heard. Make your voices heard.

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Do we have any directors/video editors?

As a group effort between GLAAD, HRC, and many other organizations, http://www.idoin30seconds.org/ has been started as a contest for the best marriage equality commercial spot.  one of the biggest problems I'm seeing is the lack of good quality video.  Aren't we supposed to be full of creativity and vision?  There's only four entries up for vote right now (and I imagine they've got other submissions but maybe don't have them up for viewing yet).  We need something that's not only going to make people think, we need something that's going to slip by them as being professional.  Presentation is everything.

The only one I'm terribly fond of is "Straights Allowed to Marry" but I think there could be a few other key points mentioned to help get the message through to the people that see us as demonic manifestation.  Those people don't think the same way as other people. 

Grrrr... There's just no easy way to get everything in a 30 second ad spot, is there. Any ideas?

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