February 14th, 2004


Hello everyone, and welcome to my new community. I started this community because I cannot find a good one to join, by good I mean that the community is both diverse in the information posted on it, and that the poeple just don't suck. Basicly the idea here is that you may post anything you want to this community, such as pictures of cute guys "touching" as some of the other communities do. Or you may post articals or other things pretaining to gay rights or just bloody well anything at all, it doesent even have to be glbt related, just interesting really. The major rule is that it may not piss me off! Some smaller rules would be, if you are posting a really really really really long article, please use lj-cut. Also if you are posting something with other than PG rated (you know bloody well what I mean here), put it in a lj-cut, I happen to know that at least one person on this community has 2 smaller, younger sisters, and they don't need to see someone's naughty bits, and the lj-cut makes it that much easier to avoid. If you don't have younger siblings, think of your parents, or you straight roomates, they probobly don't want to see it either. Please do not fight. Others can think what they want, but your moderators ARE GOD HERE! Lol I'm kidding. But if things get out of hand, I will reserve the right to remove you from the community as well as all posts you have made. Now, to get off my high-horse, I hope you consider joining, and that everyone invoulved has fun!


(no subject)

So did everyone but me know that livejournal had syndicated news agregators? they are cool, if you don't know, what they do if fetch news items relating to certin things, such as gay rights and such, and then translate them to live journal, and you can add them to your friends list.
That is all for now.